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A Quality Motorcycle Helmet Can Lower The Risk Of Fatality


No other item of riding gear is as critical as a quality motorcycle helmet when it comes to purchasing riding gear. Picking a motorcycle helmet can be just as difficult as choosing a motorcycle, because there are so many types and manufacturers to choose from.

According to the survey, wearing a good helmet and tying it properly can prevent loss of lives in 90% of accident cases. The purchase of a motorcycle helmet can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor. Helmets are the most personal and vital piece of riding gear that you can purchase, and they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Helmets have been made expressly to meet even the most specialized riding requirements, and they are available in a variety of options. The days are long gone when all you had to do was pick the size and color that best suited your needs. There has never been a better moment to change your headgear, as technological, fashion, and safety advancements continue to push the frontiers of helmet technology. Even if there are a wide variety of helmets in terms of their forms, types, materials, and features, the fact of the matter is that the majority of helmets are created with a few fundamental concepts in mind. The purchase of a motorcycle helmet can be a challenging and time-consuming endeavor Even if there are a wide variety of helmets in terms of their forms, types, materials, and features, the fact of the matter is that the majority of helmets are created with a few fundamental concepts in mind.

What Makes a Good Bike Helmet?

To determine whether the helmet is certified or not

Once you've decided on a helmet style, check the back of the helmet for the safety certification marks, which imply that it has received official approval and that it has passed all safety tests, including those for chin strap retention, minimum field of view, and minimal impact and penetration capabilities. Without the safety certification marks, helmets can be purchased for a bargain price, but they won't protect you, and The safety ratings for dual sport helmets come in the form of DOT, SG, 3C and so on. GANGSTERS MONGOLIAN helmet of Fogy is DOT, SG and 3C certified which are more stringent than most helmets. 

Outer Shell

The part of your helmet that is visible to everyone is the outer shell. Your head is shielded from the ground by the outer, stiff, strong shell. The shell of a MEW PLANET helmet  is incredibly lightweight, something you don't always expect from a retro-inspired helmet .It is designed to stop the hard ground from ripping a large hole in your head and is made of ABS. Additionally, it defends against cuts and when you skid on the ground.


Padded Comfort Layer

The comfort of the next layer comes next (as the name clearly suggests. The interior of the helmet is lined and cushioned, making it tight and comfy. This layer isn't just for comfort either, as a snug helmet is a crucial safety component that makes sure the edges won't be a projectile aiming to damage you in the event of a collision. KHAN NS Mongolian helmet comes with some extra feature and aggressive look which is washable lining with diamond stitched quilted foam padding.

Padded Comfort Layer



In actuality, motorbikes have to share the road with heavier, more cumbersome vehicles, making them more difficult to see. This could explain why some accidents involving motorcycles occur when other drivers fail to notice the rider. At night and in the predawn hours, you may be more apparent to automobile divers if you wear a large reflective helmet. During the day, wear a brightly colored headpiece to make yourself more visible to oncoming traffic. Finally, the helmet's design is a consideration once you've checked all the other boxes. There are many ways to express yourself via fashion, and this is a great opportunity to do so. It's up to the individual whether or not they want their helmets airbrushed, decorated with stickers, or left as-is. Companies also offer a variety of products geared toward the young and restless. This is your chance to be creative without sacrificing the integrity of the project. Remember that customizing your helmet comes at a price, and it will add a small amount to the overall cost.

In addition, some non-helmet riders have their hair get in the way of their vision while driving, increasing the risk of an accident. You will no longer be sidetracked or involved in any calamity created by the fact that your hair is being held in place by the helmet.

Size And Fit

Size And Fit

A decent bike helmet should have all of the qualities listed above, but it should also be the right size and fit for your head. Make sure you try it on in the store before you buy it or at least measure your head to compare sizes. There is no bike helmet that fits all heads. Helmets should not pinch your head, but they should also not move around too much. Helmet like KNIGHT NS  has a fantastic MX/Street hybrid look with aggressive lines and lots of ventilation for good airflow and the fittings of FOGY’s helmet is highly noticeable according the reviews of consumer In the back of most bicycle helmets, there is a mechanism for adjusting the helmet's fit. The helmet should be snug and level once you've made all of the necessary adjustments. If you're in an accident and your helmet isn't correctly fitted, you're better off than not wearing any at all.

Preventative measures to avoid fatal head injuries

The primary benefit of wearing a motorbike helmet is to keep your head safe from harm when you are driving and operating the vehicle on the road. The motorcyclist is the most likely to be injured in a collision between a motorcycle and a car, and these injuries can result in death. In riding collisions, experts estimate that head injuries are responsible for the greatest deaths and long-term disability. Fogy focus on major features of a road bike helmet are: very good ventilation, aerodynamic and low weight to prevent these issues.

Weather Defense

When riding a long distance, wind and dust in your eyes can be distracting, but the issue seems to go away when wearing a motorbike helmet. The headgear's visor could deflect such objects from obstructing your eyesight and improve your vision. For instance, it prevents water from entering when it rains, keeps your face warm in freezing situations, and lessens sun glare. GANGSTER NS helmet will be very best choice for bikers where injection-molded shield has excellent optics and can be easily opened and closed.

Additionally, wearing a helmet gives you comfort by lowering the volume of the wind screaming past your ears and the sting of the wind as it blasts in your face and eyes. Insects, dirt, small rocks, and other flying items are shielded from the eyes and face by a shield built into the helmet itself.

In addition to being expensive, helmets serve a crucial purpose and should not be taken for granted. As a result, it is critical to make sure that the helmet you purchase is worth the effort and money you put into it before putting it on your head for the ride.

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