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The Fogy’s Garage - Custom Triumph Scrambler 1200

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Let’s talk about the Triumph Scrambler 1200XC from the Fogy Garage team.

We have a few bikes in the garage now, so wanted to take you through each one, to show you how we have made them unique to us and our adventures.

In this post we are going to break down the Triumph Scrambler and how we have customized it for the journeys that it has been on so far.

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Why we love the Triumph Scrambler 1200

First and foremost, we needed a versatile machine that would be at home on the city streets as it would be sliding around in the dirt. We also love the classic retro style, so needed to find something that would perform in all of these areas.

Instantly, the Triumph Scrambler ticks those boxes right out of the box. The bike has been built from the ground up as a proper adventure machine and is the most off-road capable scrambler that Triumph has produced to date.

The large and torquey 1200cc engine makes long distance travel as comfortable as a blast down to the local cafe, even when the bike is fully loaded with our luggage options.

Not only that, but the scrambler just looks incredible! We went for some paint job which invokes the heritage of the scramblers that Triumph made before it.

custom triumph scrambler 1200 motorcycle green


Our Triumph Scrambler 1200XC Modifications

The Triumph Scrambler 1200 is pretty damn good from the get go, but we needed to add a few modifications to make it fit for purpose for our trips.

  • Styling- We added a High Fender kit and Headlight Grille from Triumph to finish off the styling on the bike. These added to the aggressive, off-road look while adding a touch of usefulness too. The headlight grille will help to protect the headlight from impact damage, and removing the low fender will make sure it never clogs up with thick mud.

  • Protection- Triumph handguards were added for both rider and bike protection. The guards help to keep the weather away from the hands, and should the bike go over (which it has a few times so far), then these will help to protect the levers and controls on the handlebars.

    We have also added two sets of auxiliary lights to the front. These illuminate the way when riding at night in remote areas, but also increases our visibility to other road users, hopefully reducing the risk of someone driving into us!

  • Performance - The finishing touch was a blacked-out slip on exhaust from Zard. This lets that 1200cc engine breathe a bit better, making it sound incredible while also adding a bit more power and torque. It has also shaved a few kilograms in weight.

custom triumph scrambler motorcycle geartriumph motorcycle yak saddlebag tailbagtriumph motorcycle saddlebag yak


Luggage on the Triumph Scrambler 1200XC

Now, all that was needed was to select the right luggage to compliment the Triumph Scrambler.

For day-to-day riding and short trips, the Scrambler is outfitted with our hand-crafted Yak Saddle Bag in Desert, sat on the left side of the bike, opposite the high-level exhaust. We went for the tan colour so that it would stand out against the dark colours on the Scrambler and compliment the dark green of the painted fuel tank.

The retro styling suits the look of the bike, but it is practical and durable enough to stand up to an adventurous lifestyle on and off the road.

tool roll bag for scrambler

Always tucked away in the Yak Saddle Bag is our Traveler Tool Roll which is filled with the essential tools to keep the Scrambler on the road, no matter what comes at it. This is perfect for a custom set of tools, along with a zip pouch for any small, fiddly parts that might be needed.

For our bigger adventures away from home, where we need to pack camping equipment for example, we load the Scrambler up with our Migration Tail Bag. We just love how useful this bag is both on and off the bike.

When we are travelling on two wheels, the bag can be strapped to the back and filled with all of the luggage we need for an adventure. But off the bike, we can load it up to take on a trip in the car or on a plane thanks to the handles and loops for carry straps.

The moulding of the bottom of this bag slots right over the bench seat of the Triumph Scrambler, ensuring that it sits snugly.


The Finished Scrambler?

We are really pleased with how this Scrambler has turned out. It suits our riding style perfectly and looks amazing while we’re doing it!

It is hard to say whether this is the final form of the Scrambler 1200, or if we will continue to develop it. If we do though, we will be sure to keep you updated on the build.


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