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Every Rider Need To Know About Motorcycle Visors

Every rider Need to know about motorcycle visors

There are a few reasons why someone might not want to wear a motorcycle visor. The most common reason is that they feel it will obstruct their view of the road. However, this really shouldn't be an issue as long as you choose a visor that's tinted and fits well with your helmet. Additionally, many people don't like how visors look, feeling they make them look like insects or alien beings. Others find that sunglasses don't work well with visors, or that the wind noise is too loud when wearing one.

Despite these potential drawbacks, there are also many benefits to wearing a motorcycle visor. For one thing, they offer great protection against the elements, both in terms of protecting your eyes from the sun and wind-blown debris. Additionally, they can help keep your face warm in cold weather riding conditions. And finally, visors can actually improve your visibility by reducing glare from oncoming headlights at night.


Important benefits of motorcycle visors

Every rider Need to know about motorcycle visors

A visor is typically included in motorcycle helmets, and its purpose is to reduce the amount of glare that is cast by the sun. This is especially helpful when riders are traveling in the direction of the sun during sunrise or sunset. When it's storming outside, a helmet can also keep the rider's face shielded from the rain, which improves their visibility. Motorcycle visors are a very useful part of motorcycle gear, but they can also play a role in preventing serious head injuries.

However, newer visors often come with a small tab on the back that can be easily removed. These tabs are now being used by researchers to help create a better safety helmet.
Fogy Garage is doing just that by working on a helmet that will reduce the chances of serious head injuries, their helmets also have a unique vintage appeal that regular helmets just can't match.


Types of Visors

A transparent visor is typically included in the package of a motorcycle helmet when it is purchased. However, sooner or later, many people have a tendency to change their transparent visors with visors that are smoked or mirrored. The primary reason for doing so is to shield oneself from the sun. Mirrored or smoke-colored visors not only shield the eyes from the damaging effects of direct sunlight, but also improve the overall look of the helmets. To tell you the truth, the helmets that have mirrored visors appear like they would be very awesome to wear. But out of these three primary categories of motorcycle helmet visors, which one of them is the most suitable option for you to pick?

Transparent/Clear Helmet Visor:

Transparent/Clear Helmet Visor BD61 Visor - Clear

Picture: BD61 Visor - Clear

Clear helmet visor is the basic and the most frequent type of helmet visor.


  • Clear helmet visors are clear.
  • They enable maximum light to pass through them and offer the highest visibility among the three types of visors even in the darkest circumstance there is.
  • Being transparent and being the one to enable the most amount to light to pass through it, it does not provide any form of protection from the intense sunshine.
  • Long rides during sunny days can really stress your eyes out if you are using a clear visor on your helmet.
  • Clear visor are not visually pleasant.
Mirrored Visor:
Mirrored Visor BD61 Visor - Mirror/Pink

Picture: BD61 Visor - Mirror/Pink

The mirror-like surface finish on a mirrored visor is how it received its name.


  • With a mirror-like surface polish, it reflects the most light possible while letting very little light through.
  • It is a blessing on bright days since it offers the most protection from the sun, keeping your face cool and preventing your eyes from becoming stressed.
  • Of the three types of helmet visors, the Mirrored Visor has the best aesthetic appeal.


  • While using the mirrored visor on a motorcycle on a hot, sunny day is undoubtedly beneficial, doing so after sundown can be detrimental.
  • During night rides, it will virtually make you blind because it does not let much light through, making the experience risky.
  • A collision may occur if a mirrored visor is used at night.

Smoked Visor:

Smoked Visor BD61 Visor - Black

Picture: BD61 Visor - Black

Smoked Visors are colored visors that are translucent and typically black in color. Smoked visors offer protection from the sun's rays as well as better nighttime visibility than mirrored visors because they are translucent.


  • Offers superior sun protection compared to a clear visor.
Additionally, it offers superior sight at night than a mirrored visor.
  • Smoked visors may not be as attractive as mirrored visors, but they are unquestionably more attractive than transparent visors.


  • Smoked visors only improve visibility after sundown in well-lit environments, such as within cities.
  • In low-light conditions, such as on highways without street lights, even smoked visors might be hazardous to use.


You can use a mirrored visor without worry if your motorbike journey only takes place during the day and ends before sunset. If you are riding at night in a well-lit area, such as a city, you can use the smoked visor. However, always keep a clear visor in your bag pack so that you can quickly swap out the visor and avoid any accidents that might occur due to low visibility if your motorbike trip continues beyond sunset and into dark circumstances. Finally, if at all feasible, always strive to obtain a dual-visor helmet, which features both a clear visor and an integrated mirror to protect you from the sun when needed.
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