custom truimph scrambler 1200

The Fogy’s Garage - Updated Triumph Scrambler 1200

In our last post, we walked you through our 2019 Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC and the upgrades made to it. Since then, we have been hard at work giving the bike a complete overhaul as you may have already seen over on our socials.

This was a really fun build for us, and we’re excited to break down the details for you below, so read on to find out more.

 Triumph’s other great adventure bike - the Triumph Tiger


That New Paint Job!

We loved the Matt Khaki Green styling that came as standard with the bike, paying homage to Scramblers of the past. But we wanted to make ours something special and truly unique.

The final design really does stand out from the crowd with a yellow and white color-scheme which fits right in with the Fogy Garage brand. We replaced the Triumph logo with the Fogy “F” and had tiger stripes painted on to finish the look.

The tiger is the apex predator of the jungle, and this scrambler really is king among the other bikes. There is also a hidden meaning to the stripes as they bring to mind Triumph’s other great adventure bike - the Triumph Tiger.

a custom front fairing, exhaust guard, and fork protectors commissioned a three-in-one tail light and turn signal


A Fresh Style

The tank wasn’t the only upgrade to the Scrambler. A lot of work went in to really refine the look and feel of the bike.

  • Colour Scheme - Keeping the color-palette to a minimum, the new design had to compliment the black, white and yellow of the fuel tank. The brown bench seat was changed to a black one, and the fenders sprayed from silver to black. The front forks and wheel rims were then anodised with a gold finish.
  • Custom Parts - Keen to inject even more personality into the Scrambler, we had a custom front fairing, exhaust guard, and fork protectors commissioned. The windshield and exhaust guard then had a splash of yellow painted on to imitate the number-boards of the old racing scramblers.
  • Fogy Garage ACG Badge - Triumph offers a whole range of little covers and add-ons for their engine casings, to personalise your bike. We went a step further and had our own ACG badge made, using a traditional Lost-Wax casting method. It is a little detail which can be missed at first glance, but looks great for the keen observer.
  • Licence Plate Holder & Tail Light - This styling exercise meant losing unnecessary parts on the bike too. The factory-fitted licence plate holder was replaced with a trimmed, simple tail tidy. This tail tidy meant that we had to change the lighting set up on the rear end too. We opted for a three-in-one tail light and turn signal. This meant we could keep the original turn signals so that they matched the front set, it just brought them higher and tidied them up.

The front forks and wheel rims were then anodised with a gold finish Fogy Garage ACG Badge



  • Handlebar Risers - These were added to increase comfort and control, particularly while standing up on the pegs.
  • Adjustable Folding Brake Pedal - A genuine accessory from Triumph, this pedal makes riding, and falling off, a lot better! The lever is fully adjustable, meaning it can be set up for a particular boot size or riding style. The end of it also folds in, which protects it from bending back should we have an off while riding in the dirt (or the road).
  • Spotlights - Piaa spotlights have been added to the lower frame, instantly increasing the visibility of the bike to other road users. These have a yellow tint, further following the color-scheme of the build but also reducing eye strain while riding at night. Really handy for those midnight dirt trips.



  • Engine Bars - Both higher and lower engine bars are now on the Scrambler. These are minimal and blacked out, so don’t distract from the styling of the bike, while also keeping the expensive parts safe in the event of a fall. They also make extra luggage holders should the need arise.
  • Handguards - We have kept the standard set from Triumph. They look great, and offer better protection than most factory-fitted handguards.


Adjustable Folding Brake Pedal



  • Zard Full Exhaust - We mentioned the Zard in our last post about the Scrambler, but it is still a stand out feature on this latest build. Blacked out to match the frame and other black components, this system saves weight while also adding more power and torque. The other big benefit over the factory-fitted system is the heat displacement. The standard high-level exhaust would get too hot and burn your leg if you weren’t careful. The Zard breathes better and that heat is displaced more evenly, keeping your thigh cooler.


Scrambler 1200 had pure adventure in mind, on and off road


Built for Every Adventure

Our original Scrambler 1200 build had pure adventure in mind, on and off road. With this latest bike, we wanted it to not only ride well, but look amazing.

We recently hit the desert to put it through its paces and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The luggage racks from the original are still there and the bike can be saddled up at a moment's notice to head out on our next adventure. However it is also ready to race in the dirt and head to a fashion show right after!

We built this Scrambler for us, based on what we like the most, but we’d love to hear what you think of it too. Leave a comment down below or over on our media channels.

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