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What are URSUS CHIEF Riding Gloves Made by Fogy Garage

Are you struggling to find the perfect motorcycle gloves? If you are looking for comfort, durability, and style, look no further. The URSUS CHIEF gloves are a game changer. They are one of the hottest and in-demand motorcycle gear on the market, originally designed by Fogy Garage.


URSUS CHIEF Gloves——Designed for Riders

For the fifth anniversary of our brand, we put all our technology and spirit into designing these gloves. URSUS CHIEF - as powerful as Ursus leader. Not only do they look like the Ursus, but they also allow you to ride freely like a running Ursus. Whether riding a cafe racer, off-road, motocross, or something else URSUS CHIEF is suitable for all riding scenarios.

ursus chief riding gloves
wear ursus chief gloves on racing track


Maximum Durability and Protection

Fogy Garage is more than a seller of excellent motorcycle gear; we are riders too. We’ve battle-tested our gloves through intensive review and personal experience. A pair of CE-certified gloves provide complete protection for your safe riding. Check out some of the features.

Shell: Made of full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather - soft but tough.

full-grain cowhide leather biker gloveskevlar gloves for riding motorcycle

Lining: 95% Kevlar, Level 5 cut resistance, protects the palm from direct friction with the ground when dropping off the bike in a riding accident. 5% antibacterial silver thread reduces skin problems caused by sweat bacteria and prevents up to 99% of bacteria.

Armor: TPU, CE-certified armor, in knuckles. XRD impact protection in the palm and back of the hand. Poron XRD protection absorbs handlebar vibration in the palm. More than 90% of energy is captured when impacted at high strain rates.

gloves armor in knucles armor gloves protection in palm leather riding gloves sewed with kevlar thread

The entire glove is sewn with Kevlar thread, which is extremely durable and wear-resistant. Fingers and palms are reinforced to varying degrees. It would be an exaggeration to say that these gloves last a lifetime, but they will undoubtedly protect most of your rides for a long time.


Individual Style and High Class

From brands and models to gear, apparel, and accessories, every rider wants to show off their individuality while riding a motorcycle. There is no more unique glove in the world than URSUS CHIEF.

Its natural leather is uncoated and will gradually change with use and maintenance, giving it an aged and rugged appearance. Each pair of gloves will go through the aging process differently and will eventually show a unique effect that is yours.


The biggest surprise comes from the leather cord elastic with a brass buckle at the wrist, which is wild and refined. Frankly, this amazing design feature elevates the gloves to a supreme level. This brass lock is cast using the Lost-wax casting method, showing that we still hold dedication and love for the of the industrial age.

 gloves with leather  cord brass buckle  Individual Style high class riding gloves


The URSUS CHIEF Gloves are designed with care in every detail, from performance to appearance. A combination of high-quality materials and detailed design, these gloves pair comfortable wear with extreme safety. Pick up a pair today! 

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