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Why Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets Aren't Just An Option, But A Necessity For Every Insured Rider


Why Full-Face Motorcycle Helmets Aren't Just An Option, But A Necessity For Every Insured Rider

Motorcycle accidents are relatively common in today's day and age. This is very unfortunate but true. With that said, there is still one thing you can do to minimize your risk of a motorcycle accident--that is wearing a safety helmet with full face coverage like the ones offered by your motorbike insurance provider!

Wearing a good helmet and tying it properly can avert loss of life in 90 percent of accident cases. The process of purchasing a helmet for a motorcycle can be difficult and time-consuming. Helmets are the most individual and essential piece of riding gear that you can buy, and they are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and styles to suit your preferences.

What is a Motorcycle Helmets

What is a Motorcycle Helmets

Full-face motorcycle helmets provide the most comprehensive level of protection against head and brain injuries in a collision. They are mandatory for all riders in many states, including California. Many people believe that full-face helmets are only an option for the more experienced rider, but this is not the case. Full-face helmets offer substantial protection from injury even to new riders. Research shows that full-face helmets can reduce the risk of head and brain injuries by up to 50%.

This is why every rider needs to have a helmet that meets their specific needs and requirements. For example, some riders may need a thinner helmet to fit their head properly. Others may require a wider helmet to cover their head completely in the event of a crash. Ultimately, the safest helmet is the one that fits your head perfectly and provides the maximum level of protection.

If you are unsure if a full-face motorcycle helmet is right for you, please consult with the best riding gear shop like those at Fogy Garage. They can help you choose the best full-face motorcycle helmet for your specific needs and requirements.

Full-face motorcycle helmets offer many benefits that make them an important part of every motorcycle rider's safety kit. Here are just a few:

1. Full-face helmets protect the entire head and face from injuries in a crash, even if the chin is thrown into the windscreen.
2. They reduce noise levels and protect against debris blasted into your face by the front wheel in a crash.
3. Full-face helmets reduce neck movement and pressure, which can help to prevent cervical spine injuries in crashes.
4. Motorcycle full-face helmets provide better protection than half-face Helmets in certain types of crashes, such as low-speed frontal impacts.
5. Many riders feel like wearing a full-face helmet gives them more “presence” on the bike, which makes them feel more comfortable and in control at all times. The Khan-Mongolian Helmet is a full-face helmet that has a traditional appearance but has been upgraded with new features to make it more suitable for modern motorcycle riders. This helmet is distinct from others in the market for retro-styled helmets due to its lines, which have an aggressive air to them. There is a considerable quantity of airflow provided by the front chin bar vents, which are an evident design component of the helmet.

White Helmet and Motorcycle

The majority of riders can benefit from the following features offered by full-face helmets:

The built-in face shield protects the wearer from flying insects, falling rocks, wind, and rain. In addition, many of the more recent models come with an optional tinted visor on the inside that can be flipped down or up, just like the ones found on fighter pilot helmets.

These days, a lot of full-face helmets come with built-in speakers that can be used with Bluetooth music and communication systems. The venting that is often found on full-face helmets makes it possible to experience the sensation of "wind through the hair" without exposing oneself to the dangers that come with riding without a helmet.

When falling while wearing a helmet, there is a greater than forty percent probability that you may strike your chin, according to some studies. If an accident does happen, the best protection against injury can be found in a full-face helmet.

The weight of newer, full-face helmets is often lower than that of older, three-quarter helmets since modern full-face helmets are made with composite materials like carbon fiber.

The widespread belief that wearing a full-face helmet will prevent one from seeing to the sides of their head is simply that: a fallacy. The helmets must include an opening that provides at least five degrees more peripheral vision than the average person possesses. Despite the numerous advantages that have been enumerated above, certain individuals experience claustrophobia when wearing a full-face helmet. There are some great three-quarter helmets on the market today that have many of the same features as full-face helmets, with the difference that they provide less protection for the chin and nose. Trying on different helmets before making a purchase is necessary because the most important aspect of any head protection device is finding one that is not only comfortable but also a good fit for your head shape.

It has been demonstrated that wearing full-face helmets can reduce the chance of fatalities by as much as 29 percent, as stated by the data provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (NHTSA). When everything is taken into account, this is going to turn out to be a fantastic purchase for any motorcyclist who makes it. You will have the opportunity to view a large selection of full-face helmets in a variety of designs that are certified by DOT, SG, and 3C. The Gangster NS Mongolian helmet is one of the best retro full-face helmets. The squared-off chin bar gives the helmet an authoritative aspect, which makes it look both bold and elegant at the same time. It just requires three snaps to attach a visor or goggles from FOGY GARAGE (both of which are sold separately), and it is comfortable enough to be worn for extended periods during rides. This shield is manufactured with injection molding and provides excellent optics in addition to having an easy opening and closing mechanism.


Why Every Rider should Wear A Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

For the modern motorcyclist, there is no debating the importance of full-face helmets. They’re now considered a requirement by most states in the union. But if you’re thinking of purchasing one but aren’t fully convinced, read on for some reasons why you should invest in one.

Full-face helmets protect your entire head and face from injuries in a crash. Unlike traditional motorcycle helmets that only protect your head, a full-face helmet protects your entire upper body as well. This means that not only do they reduce the chance of serious head injuries, but also facial injuries. It’s no wonder more and more riders are choosing full-face helmets over other types of motorcycle helmets. -

1) Full-face helmets protect your entire head and face from injuries in a crash. This is especially important given that facial injuries are some of the most common causes of death in motorcycle crashes.

2) By protecting your entire head, full-face helmets can also reduce the risk of serious head injuries in a crash. In fact, according to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), full-face helmets are effective at

Full-face motorcycle helmets aren't just for the fearless – they're a requirement for every insured motorcyclist in America. And while there are many good full-face helmets on the market, not all of them are perfect for everyone. Full-face motorcycle helmets are not only a requirement for riders who want to stay safe on the roads, but they're also an important investment for those who own a motorcycle. Not only are full-face helmets much more durable and secure than regular flip-up or open-faced helmets, but they also offer better protection from wind and weather conditions. If you are unfortunate enough to be in an accident while wearing a regular helmet, your chance of sustaining serious injuries is much higher than if you're wearing a full-face helmet. So why wouldn't every rider wear one?




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